Social Security and People with IDD

All of our clients are people with disabilities and their families; this is the Stuart Flaum Consulting mission as of 2008. We would like to let you know our focus is special needs planning. We are holistic planners, providing pragmatic, thoughtful and measurable strategies. Can you think of an obstacle in special needs planning?

” Why is SSI, SSDI and the myriad SSA rules so intimidating for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?”

The Social Security Administration is an independent agency within the US federal government.The agency employees 60,000 people and recently provided over 66 Million services to beneficiaries. There are thousands of pages in the POM as well as pages and pages of not personally useful information on the internet.

However, I have found that understanding the rules specific to the program, be it SSI or SSDI is possible for families. 

At Stuart Flaum Consulting, we make it our business, working with caregivers, parents and individuals, advocating special needs planning best practices, coordinating earned and unearned income, in a customized, easy to understand individual financial plan. In other words, incorporate the Social Security Administration’s benefits, of parents and beneficiaries, into a person’s financial life plan and/or special needs plan. special strategies.