A Parent’s Guide to Special Needs Planning Resolutions

Are you reviewing your family special needs planning in 2022 ?

Special needs planning is not the same for all families in today’s world. There are many more choices for people with disabilities and their loved ones. The choices one makes will lead to different outcomes. Below are some questions to guide your family discussion about special needs planning.

Who is the planning for?
  • Is the planning for yourself, i.e, the parent?
  • Are you planning for an individual with a disability?
  • Is the individual with a disability involved in the decision making?
  • Are you planning for the siblings of the person with a disability?
  • Are you planning with or for your aging parents?
  • Are you planning to coordinate your plan with your dependent’s plan and siblings?
When do you want to implement the special needs plan?
  • Not ready now?
  • Now?
  • In the near future?
  • In the far future?
  • When you are no longer able to provide support and care for your son or daughter?
  • Never?
What are you planning for?
  • Self Determination?
  • A meaningful life in the community?
  • Group home?
  • Home ownership?
  • State and federal benefits?
  • Education?